Dr. Laura Bubba

Dr Laura Bubba is a public health microbiologist collaborating with the European Non-polio Enterovirus Network (ENPEN) on environmental surveillance for enteroviruses. She studied and gained the Master degree in Biology Applied to Biomedical Research at the University of Milan in 2008. She continued to work in the same University, with a young promising scientists grant. She completed her doctorate (PhD) in public health in 2013, continuing to work in the virological unit at the University of Milan also as post-doc for three years. During her PhD and as a post-doc scientist, she was involved in both surveillance and research activities, studying the molecular epidemiology of herpes viruses, enterovirus, human parechovirus, rotavirus, poliovirus, influenza, measles and rubella viruses. In 2018, she completed the 2-year ECDC European Public Health Microbiology (EUPHEM) fellowship program at the Public Health England in the UK, where she later worked in the Global Health Unit, being involved in laboratory capacity building in Ethiopia, helping in implementing molecular, biochemical and serological diagnostic tools for bacterial identification and characterisation. She collaborated temporary with WHO, helping delivering teaching workshops on Diphtheria diagnosis. Before working at the regional reference laboratory in Lombardy for influenza-like illness surveillance and COVID-19 monitoring activities, she collaborated with ENPEN describing the SARS-CoV-2 serological assay approach in the European region. She is particularly interested in the molecular epidemiology and diagnostic tool development applied to surveillance systems, emerging diseases and global health, combining the diagnostic laboratory work with the improvement of global public health.

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