Prof. Judith Breuer

Judith Breuer is Professor of Virology at UCL and Clinical lead for Virology at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. Her research interests include the development of high throughput pathogen sequencing directly from clinical material for the analysis of pathogen evolution and identification of pathogen genetic determinants of clinical disease including cytomegalovirus in congenital infection. Professor Breuer has worked for many years on varicella zoster virus and its vaccine, elucidating many aspects of VZV natural history and pathogenesis. Professor Breuer has developed diagnostic metagenomic methods for pathogen discovery in patients with undetected infections of the brain, widening this recently to other samples. Through her clinical work she has developed a pipeline for the evaluation of new and repurposed drugs, including combinations for treatment of serious viral infections, including cytomegalovirus particularly in immunocompromised individuals. Professor Breuer is a member of the UK MHRA Expert Working Group on Covid vaccines and the SAGE subcommittee on Hospital Onset Covid Infection. She chairs the JCVI Definitions of Immunosuppression working group

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